Roland Out Today Party

ROT Membership

For those interested in supporting the Roland Out Today Party, for a one-off fee of £10.00, ROT membership is now available. For more information please email

Constitution of the Roland Out Today Party

1. NAME: The name of the party shall be the Roland Out Today Party.

2. AIMS: To promote the objectives and disseminate the message of the Roland Out Today Party, in the area covered by the party, namely: the Municipality of Sint-Truiden.


a) Membership will be open to all who accept the constitution and policies of the Roland Out Today Party

b) Each member shall have equal voting rights

c) Members must seek to actively represent the interests of the party, and never discriminate on the grounds of age, nationality, ability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

d) A meeting of the party notified to all members may, by a two-thirds majority, expel any member who is deemed to have brought the party into disrepute, or whose presence is believed to be detrimental to the interests of the party. This action may not be exercised unless the member concerned has been notified at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting where expulsion is under discussion, and has been given the right of written representation

4. MEMBERSHIP FEE: A one-off membership fee is set at £10.00


a) All money raised by or on behalf of the party may only be used to further the aims of the party and meet any operating and administration costs. Funds raised should be sent to the party treasurer. The party treasurer requires a list of donations quarterly to comply with current legislation, including the details of the donors, and may in future require further information in order to comply with legislation on political parties, should this change

b) The treasurer will keep the accounts and manage the funds of the party, and report regularly to meetings

c) All cheques will require the signatures of two officers: - the treasurer and one other

d) The Treasurer shall arrange to have the accounts audited each year, the auditor to be agreed by committee meeting

e) Expenditure above £250, unless agreed in advance, will normally be authorised by the party committee; unauthorised spending above this limit by any officer may, at the discretion of a committee meeting, become a personal financial liability


a) the Officers elected at the General Meeting shall constitute the committee of the Roland Out Today Party, for the purposes of this constitution

b) The committee shall carry out the business of the party

c) The committee shall consist of a chair, treasurer-membership officer, secretary, press and PR officer, election campaign officer, and such other officers as the general meeting deems appropriate

d) Committee members shall carry out the duties given to them by general meetings

e) The committee shall meet a minimum of four times a year

f) The Chair shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of committee meetings

g) Minutes of meetings shall be available to any member for inspection

h) New committee members may be elected at general or special meetings, which have been notified to all members, or the committee may co-opt new committee members if vacancies occur during the year

i) Special sub-committees may be appointed by the committee, incorporating ordinary members of the party if required, and shall carry out tasks delegated to them by the committee

j) The committee shall issue a minimum of 4 newsletters to all members each year


a) There will be an Annual General Meeting each April, at which the committee will report on its work and present detailed and audited financial accounts

b) The committee shall ensure that the membership are notified of the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting at least 2 weeks in advance of the date;

c) Nominations to the committee may be made by any two paid-up members and may be given to the secretary up to two weeks before the AGM. Nominations may also be proposed and seconded by members at the Annual General Meeting

d) The AGM will consider and vote upon recommendations from the outgoing committee, and proposals from any two paid-up members, which have been notified in writing to the secretary one month in advance of the AGM, and amend the constitution by a two-thirds vote of the paid-up membership in attendance at the meeting


a) General meetings may be called by the committee at any time, and all members must be notified at least 7 days in advance by the secretary or other deputed officer(s)

b) A general meeting must be held if 20 or more members request one, within one month of the request being received by the secretary

9. QUORUMS: No general meeting of the party will take place unless 10 members are present


a) The constitution can only be changed at the Annual General Meeting

b) Proposed changes to the constitution, with a minimum of two members supporting them, must be received by the secretary no less than one month before the AGM. The committee may rule an amendment or amendments to be invalid for reasons which must be explained to the proposers. It may also rule that a proposed amendment is a general item for discussion rather than a constitutional matter

c) Proposed constitutional changes and the agenda for the Annual General Meeting must be circulated to all members at least 14 days before the AGM


a) The party may only be dissolved at a meeting called for this purpose, which must be advertised to members at least 14 days in advance

b) Dissolution of the party shall take effect only if two-thirds of those present agree

c) Funds and possessions of the Party will be divided and then donated equally between selected charities local to Charlton and Sint-Truiden

d) Dissolution may not be invoked if a merger occurs with another political party. A special meeting to agree a constitution for the merged body could give effect to such a change, subject to the normal arrangements for the notification of members


a) Members shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a reasonable manner in all meetings or events. A majority vote of those present may exclude a member from a meeting if their behaviour is felt to be unacceptable

b) Any member may put forward a proposal but this requires a seconder before a vote can be taken in a meeting, consensus being the preferred method of decision-making

d) Before a vote takes place, any member may put forward an amendment which must have a seconder before being discussed

e) An interim committee will undertake all Party duties and responsibilities until the first General Meeting, when a new committee will be elected by party members