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Het Belang Van Limburg

Oprichting Partij "Roland Out Today" blijkt geen grap: “We laten Duchâtelet niet met rusrt”

SINT-TRUIDEN - Roland Duchâtelet waved the day before the founding of ROT (Roland Out Today), a political party with Charlton fans who wants to stand up in Sint-Truiden in the municipal elections, still as a piece of British humor. "But it is bitter seriousness," assures John Barnes, one of ROT's leaders. "We will not leave Duchâtelet alone. Until he sells Charlton. Not only the club, but also the stadium. "
"We are with a group of twelve Charlton fans. Since Duchâtelet has owned our club, it has gone completely downhill, "says John Barnes, a 61-year-old retired project leader from London. "We have been relegated from the Championship under Duchâtelet, our subscriptions have dropped from 11,000 to 6,000. A disaster. We have long made it clear that we want him outside. "

"Because it's been such a lump for us for a long time: the man is only out for personal profit. He picked up lots of money on Standard, paid himself dividends in between, and also did good business at STVV ", Barnes continues. "He always knows how to talk about it. But do not forget what the man did, ranging from TV money to the sale of players. And such a way of working, we are not served with Charlton. Certainly not when you see how sportively we have deteriorated. "

"Not kosher"

Why do Barnes and his friends want to mix in politics in Sint-Truiden? "To make the Duchâtelet uncomfortable, even if it does not directly affect politics itself. We have thoroughly examined a number of issues. How he got to work at AGOST, also how he got hold of Stayen at the time. Things that did not go kosher. By mixing with us in politics in Sint-Truiden, he will feel uncomfortable again. And we will continue with that. Just as long as he sells Charlton. The club and the stadium, because otherwise we have not got rid of him yet. "

Duchâtelet already sold STVV and it is clear that he also wants to get rid of his other clubs, also Charlton. "But as far as Charlton is concerned, there will not be a shot in the business," says Barnes. "Duchâtelet bought the club at around 18 million euros and now wants 50 million. For a club that has been demoted, that is not logical, right? There are two concrete pistes, so Duchâtelet should not claim that there are no potential buyers. From Australia there is a very good track. But he does not get his great price and so it is noisy. "

One Truienaar needed

The question remains whether a couple of Englishmen can just stand up in politics in Sint-Truiden. Should they not be domiciled in Sint-Truiden? "Oh, but we have friends in Sint-Truiden who definitely want to put their name on the list for us to meet the conditions. Finally, we only need one Truienaar. In the past there have already been political parties with one person. We have questioned ourselves well. We will certainly continue ... unless he sells before it is so far. "

Roland Duchâtelet remained there yesterday that this is "English humour".

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ROT News 

Press Release from Roland Out Today                      

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Dated 3 Dec 2017

For release on Tue 5 Dec 2017, the 25 th anniversary of Charlton Athletic FC’s Return to The Valley. 

On this auspicious day of celebrating 25 years since Charlton Athletic FC’s return to The Valley stadium after 7 years’ exile, Charlton Fans announce a new venture to confront unwelcome owner, Roland Duchâtelet, on his own Belgian doorstep. 

Fans will be fielding a Roland Out Today (ROT) Party candidate in the Municipal Election to be held in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, on Sunday 14 October 2018.  

In January 2014 wealthy businessman and politician Roland Duchâtelet paid a reported £16M (c.€18M) for the shares of London based Charlton Athletic FC, known as the “Addicks”, a club to which he had no previous connection or affinity. Since then, as well as presiding over a relegation, he has displayed minimal interest in the fortunes of the team. 

Duchâtelet has publicly stated he has no ambition for sporting success; avoiding the “inconvenience” of relegation would be enough for him.  He freely admits he has more interest in dancing than in football. 

Since 1999, Duchâtelet has also been financially involved with his Belgian hometown football team Sint-Truidense VV, the “Kanaries”.  As at CAFC, many STVV fans have stopped attending home matches due to his influence.  No longer STVV’s owner, he remains the controversial developer of the Stayen complex which surrounds and overshadows the artificial pitch on which STVV play home matches.  STVV are “Kanaries trapped in a gilded cage”, according to their fans.

A spokesperson for Roland Out Today says, “We don’t feel Duchâtelet’s football business practices have been in the best interests of CAFC. While protesting to save our club from further damage, Addicks have paid several visits to Sint-Truiden. We’ve talked to many people who feel similarly to us, who think Roland Duchâtelet’s football, business, and political dealings have had a detrimental effect locally.”

ROT asks the voters of Sint-Truiden:

·     Do you think Duchâtelet’s involvement has been in the best interests of STVV?

·     Do you think his involvement has benefited your town in general?

·     Might the main beneficiary be Roland himself?

Would you like to find out more how some of his dealings have affected you, your club, and your town?  For the good of CAFC, STVV and football in general, ROT aims to find out!  

For too long, many football fans have been unfairly labelled as hooligans. The Unity March held by CAFC “Addicks” and STVV “Kanaries” in Sint-Truiden last spring showed that fans can protest passionately, humorously and intelligently, without causing any trouble.   Duchâtelet contemptuously dismisses us as Domme Mensen, and Azjinpissers.  ROT says it is time to take the discussion to him on his own territory, via the power of the ballot box, using that same passion, humour, and intelligence in our campaign.  

Roland Out Today will give voters of Sint Truiden the opportunity to cast a protest vote against the influence of former council chairman Roland Duchâtelet, and send a message of no confidence to the municipal council.   We invite the electorate of Sint-Truiden to vote ROT.

As observed by a Roland Out Today spokesperson, “A fish ROTs from the head down.  In the same way, disinterested owners and leaders produce under-achieving teams.”  

The full manifesto of the Roland Out Today Party will be published later in 2018, along with the identity of the candidate which currently, in that favourite word of Duchâtelet’s regime, remains “undisclosed”. 


Those wishing to follow developments can find ROT on Twitter @RolandOutToday and on the party’s website