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Politieke partij ‘Roland Out Today’ hoopt op snelle overname Charlton

Political party 'Roland Out Today' hopes for quick acquisition Charlton
That Roland Duchâtelet is not the most popular club owner in England is an understatement. A political party has already been set up, 'Roland Out Today' (ROT), and that anti-Duchâtelet front has now stated in a statement that it hopes for a quick departure from the Belgian. Also from the stadium, The Valley.

"We look forward to the moment when the club is back in the hands of people who understand (English) football", it sounds. "We want to be able to work together again with the management of the club and return to our family club tradition. Our main concern, however, is that Duchâtelet will keep a foot in the door at Charlton, for example by remaining the owner of our stadium or our training complex. He also did that at Sint-Truiden. "

ROT will participate as a party in the municipal elections in Sint-Truiden on October 14, 2018. "We do not think that Duchâtelet's business practices are in the best interest for Charlton," said a spokesman for "Roland Out Today". "We have already made several visits to Sint-Truiden and talked to people who feel the same way all of us there. The practices of Duchâtelet have an adverse effect on the local population."

Dat Roland Duchâtelet niet de meest geliefde clubeigenaar in Engeland is, is een understatement. Er werd zelfs al een politieke partij opgericht, ‘Roland Out Today’ (ROT), en dat anti-Duchâtelet front heeft nu in een mededeling verklaard dat het hoopt op een snel vertrek van de Belg. Ook uit het stadion, The Valley.

“We kijken uit naar het moment waarop de club weer in handen valt van mensen die verstand hebben van (het Engels) voetbal”, klinkt het. “We willen weer samen kunnen werken met het bestuur van de club en terugkeren naar onze traditie van familieclub. Onze voornaamste bekommernis is echter dat Duchâtelet een voetje tussen de deur zal houden bij Charlton, door bijvoorbeeld eigenaar te blijven van ons stadion of ons trainingscomplex. Dat heeft hij ook bij Sint-Truiden gedaan.”

ROT zal als partij deelnemen aan de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in Sint-Truiden op 14 oktober 2018. “Wij vinden niet dat Duchâtelet zijn bedrijfspraktijken in het beste belang zijn voor Charlton”, aldus een woordvoerder van ‘Roland Out Today’. “We hebben al meerdere bezoeken gebracht aan Sint-Truiden en met mensen gepraat die zich daar hetzelfde voelen al ons. De praktijken van Duchâtelet hebben een nadelig effect op de lokale bevolking.”

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Press Release from Roland Out Today                      

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Dated 3 Dec 2017

For release on Tue 5 Dec 2017, the 25 th anniversary of Charlton Athletic FC’s Return to The Valley. 

On this auspicious day of celebrating 25 years since Charlton Athletic FC’s return to The Valley stadium after 7 years’ exile, Charlton Fans announce a new venture to confront unwelcome owner, Roland Duchâtelet, on his own Belgian doorstep. 

Fans will be fielding a Roland Out Today (ROT) Party candidate in the Municipal Election to be held in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, on Sunday 14 October 2018.  

In January 2014 wealthy businessman and politician Roland Duchâtelet paid a reported £16M (c.€18M) for the shares of London based Charlton Athletic FC, known as the “Addicks”, a club to which he had no previous connection or affinity. Since then, as well as presiding over a relegation, he has displayed minimal interest in the fortunes of the team. 

Duchâtelet has publicly stated he has no ambition for sporting success; avoiding the “inconvenience” of relegation would be enough for him.  He freely admits he has more interest in dancing than in football. 

Since 1999, Duchâtelet has also been financially involved with his Belgian hometown football team Sint-Truidense VV, the “Kanaries”.  As at CAFC, many STVV fans have stopped attending home matches due to his influence.  No longer STVV’s owner, he remains the controversial developer of the Stayen complex which surrounds and overshadows the artificial pitch on which STVV play home matches.  STVV are “Kanaries trapped in a gilded cage”, according to their fans.

A spokesperson for Roland Out Today says, “We don’t feel Duchâtelet’s football business practices have been in the best interests of CAFC. While protesting to save our club from further damage, Addicks have paid several visits to Sint-Truiden. We’ve talked to many people who feel similarly to us, who think Roland Duchâtelet’s football, business, and political dealings have had a detrimental effect locally.”

ROT asks the voters of Sint-Truiden:

·     Do you think Duchâtelet’s involvement has been in the best interests of STVV?

·     Do you think his involvement has benefited your town in general?

·     Might the main beneficiary be Roland himself?

Would you like to find out more how some of his dealings have affected you, your club, and your town?  For the good of CAFC, STVV and football in general, ROT aims to find out!  

For too long, many football fans have been unfairly labelled as hooligans. The Unity March held by CAFC “Addicks” and STVV “Kanaries” in Sint-Truiden last spring showed that fans can protest passionately, humorously and intelligently, without causing any trouble.   Duchâtelet contemptuously dismisses us as Domme Mensen, and Azjinpissers.  ROT says it is time to take the discussion to him on his own territory, via the power of the ballot box, using that same passion, humour, and intelligence in our campaign.  

Roland Out Today will give voters of Sint Truiden the opportunity to cast a protest vote against the influence of former council chairman Roland Duchâtelet, and send a message of no confidence to the municipal council.   We invite the electorate of Sint-Truiden to vote ROT.

As observed by a Roland Out Today spokesperson, “A fish ROTs from the head down.  In the same way, disinterested owners and leaders produce under-achieving teams.”  

The full manifesto of the Roland Out Today Party will be published later in 2018, along with the identity of the candidate which currently, in that favourite word of Duchâtelet’s regime, remains “undisclosed”. 


Those wishing to follow developments can find ROT on Twitter @RolandOutToday and on the party’s website