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Duchâtelet trivia

  • In 1998, Duchâtelet founded Vivant, - a Belgian social liberal political party.
  • Duchâtelet employed top Belgian film director Jan Bucquoy to make a movie about his Vivant party and Tarte, - the party of Noel Godin. In the movie, La vie politique des Belges, Duchâtelet played himself. The movie received scathing reviews.
  • Some say that Duchâtelet doesn't do failure, well the facts say otherwise. His internet television company TV Lokaal was indeed a major flop.
  • Roland Duchâtelet likes to peel potatoes.
  • He believes the city limits of Brussels should be extended as far as Sint-Truiden.
  • He has suggested that Belgium should cease to exist and instead it should be absorbed by Germany.
  • He claims he is a misunderstood visionary, and he likes to compare himself to the brilliant computer scientist, Alan Turing.
  • As a teenager he took up ballet lessons, - he founded the Leuven University Ballet. 
  • He once performed ballet at Jazz Bilzen
  • After being made aware that the midfielders in a football team invariably run further during a match than the defenders, Duchâtelet asked one of his coaches to swap defence and midfield for the second half of a match, in order to even out the workload.
  • Duchâtelet once complained to STVV goalkeeper William Dutoit, because he'd made no goal assists.
  • Duchâtelet advised his coaches to use a large board, to write instructions on it and then use it to convey messages to the players during games.
  • Duchâtelet doesn't have a dish-washer, he prefers to spend "quality time" washing dishes with Marieke Höfte.
  • In 1968, Duchâtelet was arrested, and spent a night in a police cell, which must have been hugely embarrassing for his Gendarmerie officer father.
  • In an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws in February 2012, asked why he buys football clubs, Duchâtelet replied, "I do it because I'm trying to do something interesting, something that is fun. To find something interesting is always the motivation for me."
  • The reason Duchâtelet got involved in politics: "I get a kick out of being able to predict what is going to happen. If I am correct then I enjoy it. I got involved in politics because I could see all those other politicians were wrong."
  • Like other modern languages, Dutch evolved over many centuries, and is now standardised in Belgium and the Netherlands. The first Dutch translation of the Holy Bible, - the Statenvertaling, was published in 1637. Despite it's long history, Duchâtelet contests that Dutch is a new language.
  • Duchâtelet says he is one of only a few who can save the Belgian welfare state.
  • Recently, Duchâtelet spoke out against the construction of a new national stadium, instead he argued that the 30 year-old King Baudouin stadium is perfectly adequate to host international football. However, it was soon pointed out that the King Baudouin does not meet UEFA standards. 
  • He prefers dancing to sporting success, - he finds the expression of  the body pleasant.